Rolls Royce 1930 20/25

Rolls Royce 1930 3669cc

Manufactured in Derby

Original Cost Value £1700

Built Year








Engine Size


Built for the future.

This car has push button start!!!

Luxurious driving

This car was designed to be driven, so the original owner would have bought this car with the intension to drive it themselves

Henry Royce

Sir Frederick Henry Royce, was an English engineer famous for his designs of car and aeroplane engines with a reputation for reliability and longevity.

Rolls-Royce initially focused on large 40-50 horsepower motor cars, the Silver Ghost and its successors. Royce produced his first aero engine shortly after the outbreak of the First World War and aircraft engines became Rolls-Royce’s principal product.

Royce’s health broke down in 1911 and he was persuaded to leave his factory in the Midlands at Derby and, taking a team of designers, move to the south of England spending winters in the south of France. He died at his home in Sussex in the spring of 1933.

Born: 27 March 1863
Died: 22 April 1933

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