Rambler 1903

Rambler 1903 2000cc

Manufactured in Derby

Original Cost Value $750

Built Year








Engine Size


Built for the future.

This car is automatic!!!

Luxurious driving

This car was designed to be driven, so the original owner would have bought this car with the intension to drive it themselves


Thomas B. Jeffery

He was one of America’s first men interested in automobiles, and in 1897, he built the first Rambler motor car.

Jeffery was serious about motor cars so he sold his stake in G&J and founded the Thomas B. Jeffery Company. He used the G&J money to buy the old Sterling Bicycle Co. factory in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where he set up shop to manufacture automobiles on a large scale. From 1902 until 1908, Jeffery moved steadily to bigger, more reliable models. His cars were built on assembly lines (the second manufacturer to adopt them — Ransom Olds was first), and in 1903 he sold 1,350 Ramblers. By 1905, Jeffery more than doubled this number. One reason may have been because he went to the steering wheel before 1904. In 1907, he was building a large variety of different body styles and sizes. Among them was a five-passenger, $2,500 Rambler weighing 2,600 pounds and powered by a 40-hp engine.

Born: 5 February 1845
Died: 21 March 1910

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